Saturday, September 15, 2012

Splendid morn ...!!

Yet another night bids me adieu ...!!

 I open the window and the cool breeeze enthralls me ...!!The clouds that encompassed my home, quickly get the oppertunity to get inside and give me a warm welcome ...!!They greet me ....caress me and I can feel the dampness of the clouds all over .Yes indeed ....the divine touch of the cloud freshens my mind ....and enlightens my mood ...!!!

The croon of the autumn leaves sing into my ears ....!!
I am totally enchanted  ,the glee takes me over ...and a chill run through my spine as I see the splendid morn ...!!!!

I really thank GOD  for the present moment ....and with a thankful smile ...begin my day ...!!

Goodmorning  friends have a great day .....!!!!!


  1. wow, its devine feeling while imagining the splendid morning.

  2. A beautiful way to begin a day ! Your expression is almost poetic. Hope you did have a wonderful day :)

  3. after reading your post, I can say that you write like Ruskin bond..
    he too is a nature loving author, and he is my favourite author, and I have written about him on my blog..
    very nice feelings..
    liked it..


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